Recuperative radiant tube burners used in reheating and heat treatment applications brings reduced pollutant emissions and operation and maintenance costs. “U” and ”W” type tubes are used.

Characteristics of flame formation

1st combustion region is formed from the reaction between primary air and fuel. The 2nd combustion zone is formed from the remaining fuel and the secondary air, resulting in complete combustion. This flame formation makes the flame very stable. The region where thermal NOx is produced is minimized, so the NOx emission is reduced.

Application fields and Benefits


• Annealing Furnaces

• Galvanizing Furnaces

• Silicon Lines

• Applications where flame collisions are not allowed

Application benefits

• Stable flame formation

• Ultra low NOx emissions(10 ppm @ 11% O2)

• Uniform tube temperature

• Reduced combustion products when heating hazardous material