Air Heater Burner


Burner for preheated air and preheated gas supply for various processes and it is applied according to fuel type (fuel / dual fuel), gas temperature and capacity.

Technical specifications

Calorific capacity

500,000kcal/hr ~ 15,000,000kcal/hr

Excess air

Max. 200%

High temperature gas temperature

~ 800 ℃

Industrial boiler burner


Industrial boiler burner with staged air forced draft technology

Application benefits

• Multi-stage air supply design

• Use of oil, gas, or mixed fuel  

• Drive damper

• Low noise wind box

• Low Excess air

• 10:1 Turndown ratio  

• Capacity : 10MW ~ 50MW

Gasifier burners


Burners applied to various gasifier devices through customized designs that reflect customer requirements based on operating temperature, pressure, applied fuel (or oxidiser), fuel and oxidant atmosphere.

Application benefits

• Rapid and uniform heating and gasification

• Application of latest combustion technology

• Application of various combustion methods

• Oxy-fuel method

• Oxygen-enriched method

• Use of preheated air or room temp. air

Technical specifications

Calorific capacity

500,000kcal/hr ~ 50,000,000kcal/hr


Gas (LNG, LPG, C.O.G, Mixed gases)

Liquid (Diesel, Heavy oils)

Combustion type

Oxy-fuel type

Oxygen-enriched type

Use of preheated air or room temp. air

Ignition (Auxiliary) burner


Ignition burner which can be used as an auxiliary burner up to a certain temperature and pressure at initial startup of the equipment. Various combustion methods are applied according to operating conditions such as starting temperature, pressure, time and fuel used.

Application benefits

• Various combustion method according to fuel type

• High air-fuel ratio•Wide turn-down ratio

• Easy to operate and move

• Removable, fixable

• Various design according to customer’s request