Direct flame oxy-fuel burner has been developed to solve the problems of  local heating of conventional oxygen-fuel burners.

The patented technology sprays oxygen in two directions through back diffusion of oxygen, creating a unique flame structure, which leads to high fuel saving, reduced emissions, as well as rapid heating and uniform heating effect, thereby enhancing process flexibility. 

Application fields and benefits

Application fields

• Ladle pre-heaters

• Copper melting furnaces

• Glass melting furnaces

• Other heating / melting systems

 Application Benefits 

• Energy savings: 50%

• Exhaust gas emission reduction : 80%

• Productivity increase: 20%

• Rapid heating effect

• High turn∙down ratio

Technical specification

Calorific range

300,000kcal/hr ~ 10,000,000kcal/hr

Ignition type

Pilot burner ignition 

Heating temperature

~ 1,500℃

Flame detection