Direct flame regenerative combustion system’s flame is straight and stable. Generally, the primary air flow and the secondary air flow can be controlled independently and is sprayed through the baffle forming the flame. 

The flame forms stably even for the COLD-START cases.

Application fields and benefits

Application fields

• Continuous reheating furnace

• Forge reheating furnaces

• Non-ferrous melting and holding furnaces

• Heat treatment furnaces

Application benefits

• Straight flame

• Energy savings (~50%)

• World class NOx (10 ppm @ 11% O2) and exhaust gas emissions reduction

• Stable flame formation at cold start conditions

• High turn∙down ratio (3:1)

• Minimised maintenance

Technical specification

Calorific range

300,000kcal/hr ~ 15,000,000kcal/hr

Heating temperature

~ 1,300℃

Fuel type

GAS(LNG, LPG, C.O.G, Mixed gases)

Liquid(Diesel, Heavy oil)

Dual fuel(Gas and Liquid)

Flame type

Straight flame

Stable flame

Heat storage media

Alumina ball type