Flat flame burner forms a flat flame, and can be installed on the roof of a continuous reheating furnace, or at the bottom of a forging furnace. 

The product quality increase as there is no direct contact between the product and the flame.

Application fields  and Benefits

Application fields  

• Forge heating furnace bottom region

• Continuous heating furnaces soaking zone

• Heat treatment furnaces

• Aluminium holding furnaces

• Non-ferrous holding furnaces

Application benefits

• Uniform heating through wide flame width

• Shorter furnace length due to short flame length

• Energy savings (~50%)

• World's highest NOx reduction (30 ppm @ 11% O2) and emission reduction     effect

• Stable flame formation at cold start conditions

• Minimised maintenance  Customised design based on applications

Technical specification

Calorific range

200,000kcal/hr ~ 1,000,000kcal/hr

Fuel type

Gas (LNG, LPG, C.O.G, Mixed gases)

Working air temperature

~ 900℃

Flame type

Flat flame