The ladle preheating system preheats the refractory of the ladle uniformly to 1,200 ℃ before the molten metal is poured in. Combustech supplies combustion system with the energy costs reduced more than 50% compared to conventional air-fuel systems and has more than 100 installation references.

Combustech’s R&D centre conducts all of its engineering activities including combustion technology (burner development, heating calculation, heat flow analysis), control technology (Level 1, Level2) and mechanical design (structural analysis). We supply self-produced furnaces including commissioning on a turnkey basis. Based on our long experience, Combustech implements diagnostic and improvement consulting services to our customers’ industrial facilities.                                         

Application Benefits

• Energy saving (regenerative and flameless oxy-fuel combustion system / 20% reduction       compared to recuperator method)

• Ultra low NO(50 ppm @ 11% Oor less)

• Reduction of exhaust gas through oxy-fuel combustion system(80% reduction of exhaust   gas emissions)

• Rapid heating (1,200 ℃ within 6 hours)

• Uniform heating throughout the ladle (Temperature deviation within ± 20 ℃)

Technical Specification

Combustion System

• Oxy-fuel combustion system

• Oxygen-enhanced combustion system

• Conventional hot air combustion system

Control System

• Touch Panel

• PLC, HMI System

Driving System

• Horizontal

• Vertical

Reference Photos

SEAH Changwon AOD (2006)
SEAH Changwon AOD (2006)
SEAH Changwon (2006)
SEAH Changwon (2006)
POSCO #2 Steel ON-LINE (2014)
POSCO #2 Steel ON-LINE (2014)