Oxygen-enriched combustion system is a hybrid burner that simultaneously includes oxygen burner and air burner function to overcome the disadvantages when using oxygen.

In the low temperature region where convective heat transfer takes place, 100% of air is used as the oxidising agent. In the high temperature region (over 800 ℃) where the radiative heat transfer occurs, 80% of oxygen is used to maximise the heat transfer and high fuel saving effect, uniform heating, minimize the exhaust gas emissions, and the flexibility of the process according to the operating situation can be improved.

Application fields and benefits

Application fields

• Ladle heating furnace

• Copper, Lead melting furnaces

• Aluminum melting furnaces

• Glass melting furnaces and others

Application benefits

• High energy savings (more than 40%)

• Productivity increase

• Flexibility with operation

• Rapid∙Uniform heating

• More than 60% reduction of exhaust gas emissions

Technical specification

Calorific range

1,000,000kcal/hr ~ 15,000,000kcal/hr

Heating temperature

~ 1,500℃

Ignition type

Pilot burner ignition 

self ignition

Flame Detection


Cooling type