Smart Walking Beam Furnace


Innovative technologies are consolidated into intelligent walking beam furnace that will change the paradigm of furnace technologies.

A. Basic engineering and evaluation of the furnace

• Thermal calculation of material grade and size                

• Prediction / evaluation of the optimal operation conditions and logistics

B-1. Flameless oxy-fuel burner with homogeneous heating and low 

        NOx emissions

B-2. Optimal heating for each segmented zone through independent pulse 

        firing burners

C. Prediction and Real-time feed back through Thermal Model +  LEVEL II 


D. Distributed optical temperature measurement on the material surface, 

     instead of furnace ambient temperature measurement

E. Evaporated Cooling System

• Steam production using the cooling water heat loss

IGCC, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle


A national project to develop burner system for Korea Western Power’s IGCC plant.

Combustion system

Research and development of various combustion systems and gasification equipment for Coal gasified gas power generation under operating conditions of over 1500℃ ambient temperature, 40~50 bar.g pressure

Evaporative Cooling System


Steam production by converting the water-cooling section of industrial furnaces to staeam producing boiler facility taking advantage of waste heat of  water-cooled pipe sections of industrial furnaces.

Technical specification

• Prediction of steam generation amount through the thermal balance of the     entire system.

• Waste heat recovery rate increased by 5% compared to conventional                 method.

• Steam production through more than 85% of the heat recovery of heat loss 

  due to water cooling sections.