Recuperative F.G.R. burners used in reheating and heat treatment applications uses an “I” type tube and uses flue gas recirculation, reducing NOx and pollutant emissions and operation and maintenance costs.

Characteristics of flame formation and exhaust gas recirculation

The RTF-Type radiant tube burner uses flue gas recirculation, which makes flame control easier and reduces the peak flame temperature, reducing the NOx emissions.

For preheating of air, the exhaust gas sucked into the recuperator combines with the combustion air and gets supplied to the burner.

Application fields and Benefits

Application fields

• Annealing Furnaces

• Galvanizing Furnaces

• Silicon Lines

• Applications where flame collisions are not allowed

 Application benefits

• Stable flame formation

• Ultra low NOx emissions (10 ppm @ 11% O2)

• Uniform tube temperature