Combustion technology


Combustech devotes to the R&D and Business of customized combustion and control solutions according to each customer’s particular requirements of Energy saving, Production Increase, Product quality Improvement and Emission reduction.

Combustion solutions – energy saving, production increase and product quality improvement

• Oxy-fuel / oxygen-enriched combustion

• Flameless oxy-fuel combustion

• Regenerative combustion

• Self-recuperative combustion

• Other various high-efficiency combustion

Emission reduction technologies – low NOx

• M.I.L.D combustion

• Multi-stage combustion

• Exhaust gas recirculation ( E.G.R ) combustion

• Forced induced recirculation ( F.I.R ) combustion

• Over fired combustion

• Partially premixed diffusive combustion

Heat Balance calculations


The heating capacity and the furnace temperature distribution for the heating and melting furnaces are calculated to predict the situation where the combustion system is applied to the actual working environment. Potential problems are identified in advance and relevant solutions are to be taken into account in the design of the combustion and control system.

Heat / flow analysis


CFD is used to perform analysis on the chemical reactions, combustion flow and heat transfer. Results are incorporated in the design of the system to achieve high stability, low fuel consumption, low emission and optimal furnace size.