The FINEX system is a new concept that was developed by POSCO.

It reduces equipment costs by 20% and operation cost by 20% compared to existing processes. The Fynex combustion system applied to the FINEX system provides the FINEX system with more advanced combustion / injection technology than the existing fuel / oxygen combustion system and the oxygen injection system, minimizing operation and maintenance costs and maximizing system reliability.

Oxy-fuel burner is a fuel-oxygen combustion system with a small capacity(100,000Kcal/hr or less). It has the same or higher efficiency than other oxy-fuel combustion systems and can be applied to various fields such as pyrolysis melting furnace and various oxidation furnaces.

Application fields

• Pyrolysis melting incinerators

• Other incinerators

• Oxidation furnaces

• Small melting furnaces

• Other special areas

Oxygen lancing combustion system, which is used in blast furnaces or similar melting furnaces to increase the temperature of the furnace rapidly after shutdown or emergency cases and to secure the tap hole. It can be used either as a burner or oxygen lance or both depending on the application. 

Application fields

• Blast furnaces

• FINEX , etc.

Application benefits

• Reduced maintenance time of the furnaces, resulting in increased productivity

• Rapid heating effect

• Lance removal

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