Maintenance free Butterfly On/Off Valve

The CV-High performance Butterfly On/Off Valve is an automatic compressed air  on/off cycle valve for high temperature combustion / exhaust gas. 

It has been proven to last for more than 5 years when applied to the regenerative burners which requires more than 700,000 times of on/off operation per year.

Application benefits

• High durability (700,000 operation * 5 yrs)

• Minimized valve drive force and outflow (1% or less)

• Easy installation due to small size

• Sensor protection from high temperature

• Position control for valve operation 

• Valve operation speed control

Custom designed auxiliary ignition burner

For regenerative burners, the ignition needs to be successful for every switch over. It is difficult to achieve such durability and success rates with standard auxiliary burners.

Combustech’s auxiliary ignition burners is used as an ignition burner for the main burners and can be operated for continuous long-period operation.

Media ball cleaner

Typically, ball type energy storage media is used. Depending on the type, cleaning of these media is required roughly once a year.