Self recuperative burners applied in reheating and heat treatment applications, provide high energy savings, reduced pollutant emissions, reduced operation and maintenance costs, which were not available with the conventional combustion system.

By sucking in the high temperature exhaust gas in the flame region, it maximizes the E.G.R effect, minimising the  NOx production.

A uniform furnace temperature can be achieved through the high velocity/energy flame, resulting in high quality products.

As there are no complicated combustion air flow control or pilot ignition system, operation and maintenance is simple. 

Application fields and Benefits

Application fields

• Continuous heat treatment furnaces 

• Forge heat treatment furnaces

• Aluminum heat treatment furnaces

• Preheating furnaces

Application benefits

• Energy savings (~40%)

• Ultra low NOx emissions

• Optimised furnace temperature distribution

• Complex control and equipment not required

Technical specification

Calorific range

3,000kcal/hr ~ 500,000kcal/hr

Fuel type

Gas (LNG, LPG, C.O.G, Mixed gases)

Air preheat temperature

~ 800℃


Metal, Ceramic type