Wide flame burner system forms a wide flame with low thickness, for maximised uniform heating effect.

Application fields and Benefits

Application fields

• Continuous reheating furnaces

• Forge reheating furnaces

• Heat treatment furnaces

• Aluminum holding furnaces

• Non-ferrous holding furnaces

Application benefits

• Wide heating range effective reduction of furnace height

• Fewer burners required for a given size furnace

• World class NOx (30 ppm @ 11% O2) and exhaust gas emissions reduction

• Stable flame at start cold conditions

• Customized design based on applications

Technical specification

Calorific range

200,000kcal/hr ~ 15,000,000kcal/hr

Fuel type

Gas (LNG, LPG, C.O.G, Mixed gases)

Liquid (Diesel, Heavy oils)

Dual fuel (gas and liquid)

Working air temperature

~ 900℃

Flame type

Wide flame