Waste heat boiler

Utilizing the waste heat from exhaust gases

Steam generation and power generation by using high temperature exhaust gas discharged from various smelting furnaces and stacks of heating furnace, saving energy by using the recovered energy for cooling, heating and other processes.

Evaporative Cooling System(E.C.S )

By converting the conventional water cooling system of the skid & post (pipe structure for material transport) to an evaporative cooling system with pressurized saturated water, the heat loss decrease and energy is recovered in the form of steam.

Application benefits

• Production of steam by recovering waste heat energy

• Corrosion inhibition of cooling pipes due to controlled water quality

• Lower temperature deviation, resulting in reduced thermal stress

• High safety

• Improved material heating quality

• Reduced skid marks, extended pipe lifetime•Water quality improvement

Dec.2017 POSCO Gwangyang #3HRM ECS